10 Ways an Employment Solicitor Can Help You

If you’re an employer or an employee, then you’ll be aware of employment law, and some of the implications of this area of law. Perhaps you need help with staff discipline, or want to know more about whether your company can make you redundant.Here’s how an Employment Solicitor can help you.1. As either an employee or and employer you’ll need to make sure that your company is adhering to the equal opportunities policy. Perhaps you have been looked over for promotion, or despite having the relevant qualifications and experience, you still don’t think that somebody is ready for promotion. You’ll want to make sure that you’re not falling foul of employment law.2. It’s essential that employees doing the same job are awarded equal pay. If colleagues are not getting paid the same, then they will want to know why. An employment solicitor can help ensure that you get what you are entitled to, or can make sure that your company policy is legal.3. Discrimination must not be tolerated, and the workplace is no exception. Just because somebody is different, or has different religious beliefs, sexual orientation, political persuasion, is older or younger, or from a different country, or has a different skin colour, they can’t be treated differently. It’s important that all employees are aware of this, that any case or discrimination are taken seriously, and dealt with accordingly. If the outcome is not satisfactory, an employment solicitor can be invaluable.4. Policies and documentation need to be legal, so whether you’re writing a new handbook, or amending a contract, you’ll need the advice of an employment law solicitor.5. Data protection needs to be taken seriously, and you may need to take legal advice to make sure that you not in breach of the Data Protection Act.6. Trade union negotiations can be carried out by an employment law solicitor, so that both sides are able to converse, and hopefully reach a satisfactory agreement.7. Mediation may be needed in company disputes, where an amicable agreement can’t be reached quickly.8. Your company recruitment policy can’t discriminate on any grounds, so you might need assistance in ensuring that your HR department and relevant managers are asking the right sort of questions to potential new employees.9. You might need help with terminating contracts and redundancies. You don’t want to break any laws that could leave you open to a counter claim. As an employee, you might want to know for sure that you can be made redundant.10. You might want any internal investigations might be carried out, or overseen by an employment law solicitor. Perhaps you have been accused of corruption, theft or fraud, or maybe you’re trying to prove that there isn’t a campaign of bullying or deliberate discrimination in amongst your employees.Now you know more about employment law, how else can an Employment Solicitor help you?